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After completing Incisive Training’s Positive Handling course, teachers and pastoral staff will have confidence in their intervention strategies when managing challenging and violent pupil behaviour, knowing that their interventions are legal, safe and compliant with national guidance. This course is appropriate for professionals working in schools, colleges, with youth and nursery groups. The course presents participants with an understanding of the law, Department of Education guidance on the use of force in schools, strategies for defusing situations and the practice and application of positive handling skills. The physical handling techniques, which staff will learn, include guiding and prompting techniques, low level holds and responding to increasing levels of hostility. The techniques used follow the positive handling approach outlined by the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS), which have been risk assessed and tested for their effectiveness, safety and ease of learning. During practice, participants will have the opportunity to raise scenarios of particular pupil behaviour and interventions will be suggested and practised.



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